From the very beginning of our activity the pork cuts have been the main product offered by ARAD. Half-carcasses of pork are the raw material in the production. They come from the Polish breeders supervised by the National Veterinary Office, with whom we have cooperated for many years now and due to this fact we put mutual trust and confidence in each other. We are aware of high quality of our products which are not subject to any injections in the course of the cutting process. This distinguishes us and our products, what assures a special place for us on the map of Polish manufacturers of pork cuts.

We offer a wide range of pork products. We are flexible, since the philosophy of ARAD activities is the production adjusted to individual needs of each customer. Owing to the above, we are able to respond to practically each order, conforming to specific needs of rapidly changing market.  A wide range of our products finds its recipients on 4 continents of our globe. 

We offer:

Ears / Head / Jowl / Collar / Front shank / Hind shank / Shoulder / Front feet / Hind feet / Loin / Ribs / Belly / Back fat / Leg / Tail with bone / Humerus bones / Femur bones / Back bones / Belly bones / Neck bones / Moon bone