ARAD is a family company whose activity profile is focused on cutting of red meat and poultry. The company was established in 1993 by Barbara and Michał Wołczyk who, along with its small crew, commenced the meat and poultry cutting in the first plant located in the Katowice district Giszowiec. After few years of gradual development and establishing its position on the Polish market, the company’s management board was broadened by two new members – Beata and Jacek Szpak, who together with Barbara and Michał, built a much bigger modern meat and poultry cutting plant complying with all the requirements set for this type of plants by the European Union. This plant is located nearby the historic district Nikiszowiec in Katowice and has the HACCP quality certificate.

At present, after more than 20 years of operation, ARAD has become one of the leading manufacturers of pork, beef and poultry cuts in Poland, with more than 150 employees. Our leading product, namely pork cuts, are made of the highest-quality carcasses, which are cut in quantity of 300 tons per week.

As ARAD we have our own warehouse of meat and cold cuts, a cold store and a network of manufacturer’s retail stores, where food vouchers provided to employees of e.g. Katowicki Holding Węglowy can be realised. We supply our products to the leading Polish companies in the meat processing industry, to numerous shops selling meat and cold cuts and to the sales networks. In addition, our meat is served on the plates of many restaurants, pubs, bars and educational establishments.

Apart from the domestic market, our products are known to customers of EU member states, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Middle West Africa and the Caribbean Sea Islands.

Looking forward to cooperating with you!

Wołczyk & Szpak Families